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What is unique about the study of Human Development?

The field of human development focuses on understanding how individuals grow, learn, and adapt throughout their lives, with an emphasis on developmental change in multiple domains (biological, cognitive, emotional, physical, social) and within different contexts (peers, family, school, community, health & nutrition, policies & programs).

Amanda Guyer
HDGG Chair - Amanda Guyer

It is a fascinating and thrilling time to work in human developmental science. Exciting new theories and perspectives are positioning the field to ask new questions about human development, and to return to perennial questions with fresh approaches. Innovative technologies and methodologies are now available for studying developmental processes and contexts at multiple levels of analysis, in real world or laboratory settings, and in micro or macro units of time. Our own faculty draw on these approaches to study brain function and structure; family, peer, and marriage processes; factors related to aging; diversity and cross-national issues; identity and belonging; mental health; nutrition; and many other topics; as well as to develop new methods for studying change over time.


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